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Staff Biographies

iTec Optical has one of the most skilled and experienced groups of principals and technicians you’ll find anywhere. In many cases, we’ve spent decades together perfecting our craft. So you can have confidence we know what we’re doing and we’re up to the job.

Len Doherty

Len founded Horizon Optical in 1972 and over a period of 37 years, he developed it into one of the largest and most highly regarded independent prescription houses in the UK before selling it to Essilor in 2009.

Len has personally trained hundreds of the industry’s leading glazing technicians, including his former staff at Horizon as well as those who have followed him to iTec. Len has also taught specialised glazing techniques at Keele University.

Shirley Whitmore

Shirley is Zerrin’s assistant and helps her maintain contact with and serve the needs of leading optical practitioners throughout the UK.

John Morgan

John has more than 15 years of optical experience, of which he spent seven with the principals and technicians who are now at iTec during their time at Horizon. John has a comprehensive knowledge of lenses and is always available to guide your selection of the best lens for any glazing application.

Zerrin Pekri

For more than two decades, Zerrin was the public face of Horizon as the company’s popular and widely respected sales director. Zerrin successfully built trusted advisor relationships with many of the UK’s leading optical practitioners, which she now brings with her to iTec in the same role.

Demitrius Loft

Demitrius has more than 25 years of optical experience, 18 of them spent with Len and Zerrin at Horizon. He is the technician most frequently recommended by Lindberg and others for glazing complex frames such as the Lindberg N.O.W. range as well as shell and horn frames.

Gareth James

Gareth’s background includes over 40 years of optical experience, of which 27 were with Len at Horizon. Gareth shares many of the same glazing skills as Demitrius, is extremely conversant in all lens manufacturers’ products and is highly trained to operate and maintain our sophisticated NIDEK robotic manufacturing equipment.